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Our Guarantee

You will save at least $300 on restoring your implant crown or we will give you a $100 Amazon Gift Card.   

After you have had a dental implant placed, and the proper amount of healing has occured, you are ready to have a crown and abutment placed on the implant. That is where we come in to save you some serious cash and headache.  In two short visits, you will walk away with your new implant crown, and extra cash in your pocket. 


Our Doctors

Husband and Wife Dentistry

Doctors Jarom and Kelly Lamoreaux graduated dental school together in 2006.  In 2007, they moved to Colorado to practice dentistry and have grown their little family to four kids.  They are excited to help you restore you dental implant and guarantee the best price in Colorado.


Implant Only (Finished Previously)

A dental implant is new artificial root placed in the bone.  It is important to have a highly qualified surgeon place the implant properly. We do not place the implants, only restore them by connecting an abutment and crown.  We can help you find a surgeon if you have not completed this step yet.

Abutment Connected

The implant abutment screws directly into the implant.  It is 100% imperative that the proper screw and abutment are used.  

Implant Crown Connected

The Implant crown is connected directly  the abutment.  You now have a new tooth that you can floss and function with.  

Simplicity and Peace of Mind

Two Simple Visits

We usually just need two, 30 minute appointments to give you your new implant crown. The first visit, we record the location of the implant by taking an impression of the area.  From there, you are rescheduled and an abutment and crown are made. On the second visit, we connect the abutment and crown to the implant, and make sure it looks and feels just right for you. Old, or unusual implants can take take a little leg work, and an extra visit or two, to find the right parts but so far we have always been able to solve the puzzle for you.

Doing it Right

There are many different manufacturers of dental implants, each with their own proprietary screws and abutments that connect to the implant.  In fact, if you don’t use the proper materials, it will void the implant manufacturers warranty.

If an implant crown is not restored properly, it can actually cause the implant to fail.  After going through the time, surgery, and cost of having the implant placed, it would be a shame to have it fail because excess cement got on the implant during crown cementation. We will go over all of the details that are need to assure you that we have taken every step to give you an exceptional product.

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